Welcome to Recall Management

Helping You Restore GOOD FAITH In Your GOOD PRODUCTS

A PRODUCT RECALL or RETROFIT is a great source of anxiety.  RECALL MANAGEMENT INC (RMI) can help you restore your peace of mind and protect your brand by handling every aspect of your recall or retrofit event, including Customer notification & response, process tracking and compliance & reporting.  (RMI) serves all types of companies.
(RMI) streamlines the entire process by providing swift, accurate and trackable product recalls and retrofits.  We are well-versed in the applicable regulations, such as CPSC and NHTSA.  We help you determine the best course of action, then use data-driven technology to track and report the itens we process.  Our call center handles both inbound and outbound calls.  We can retrieve or retrofit with upgraded parts and return properly functioning components to your customers.  We provide reporting capabilities that can aid in the inventory management.
Here some of the great services we provide to our clients:
  • Individual attention through live communication
  • 24-Hour product monitoring available
  • Technology assisted when required (special interface)
  • E-Mail or Fax-back claim form capability availabe
  • Overflow of calls - from all calls to partial calls
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  • Allows real-time access to your product's information
  • Simplified records keeps you in government compliance
  • Internet access of progress is available
  • Website Product reference key-word search is available
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  • Warehouse management / logistics systems
  • Accountability of products
  • Assemble / package / label / mail the replacement product
  • Dispose the defective product or return to manufacturer
  • Only minimal staff required to fulfill the product recall
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  • Centralized location for processing, receiving & disposing of the defective product or shipping replacement product
  • 60,000 square foot warehouse
  • Intermodal container storage yard
  • Segregated shelving
  • Forklifts / handtrucks / logistic management
  • Receiving & shipping
  • Electronic security 24/7/365
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