We understand that managing expenses is in every company’s agenda, especially if the need arises to manage a Recall-Retrofit program. Many companies may take the following approaches:

The do it your self-approach - Some companies opt for doing Recalls-Retrofits in house. At first glance, that may appear less expensive than contracting this service to an outside company. If this is your approach, we remind you to look at the overall picture. Are you factoring in the investment required for computer systems, distribution facilities, training, supervision, and unproductive time? All direct and allocated expenses should be charged to the Recall-Retrofit operation when determining the real cost of a Recall-Retrofit program.

The cooperative approach - Other companies have chosen to use their own personnel on small Recall-Retrofit programs, but contract other Recall-Retrofit services from us. By keeping complete and accurate records on each campaign, they have found our “Full Service Capabilities” and professional staff have what it takes to conduct a campaign at a reasonable cost. They save money by relying on our personnel's training, expertise, and experience along with our computerized programs, to reduce manpower requirements.

The hire-a-professional approach - A third group of companies don't want to mess with Recall-Retrofits-Warning campaigns at all. They know what they’re good at and what makes them money, so they concentrate on that and leave management of Recall-Retrofits-Warnings distribution to professionals like us who specialize in doing the job right the first time and at a reasonable cost.

Almost as complex as the decision to Recall-Retrofit a product is the question of how to do it.

Do you have the in-house expertise in handling a Recall-Retrofit?

Do you have a computerized system in-house designed to handle a Recall-Retrofit?

Do you have an in-house distribution center to keep the shipment and return parts separate from your production parts?

Do you have a method of keeping Recall-Retrofit records separate from your production records?

If your answer is NO to any of the above, consider contracting our professionals at "Recall Management Inc."  today!