We provide tremendous capabilities in communication by allowing a high volume of inbound calls.  Whether it is through phone, fax, email or a combination of these methods, our CALL CENTER can provide you with the specialized tools and solutions you need to be successful.

Any Product Recall can create stress on your company.  They can also generate confusion for your consumers.

Consumers always have questions about the recalled product, but some have fears about continuing to use any products from the same manufacture. Recall Management Inc. (RMI) not only handles the recall process confident and efficiently for your customer, but RMI also takes the time to assure the customer that your non-recalled products are safe.  We have many consumers say we have the best customer service they have experienced in a long time. RMI strives for nothing less than excellence in our customer service and that is why our recall service is the best choice guaranteed for handling your recalled product. We’ve been doing recalls since 1996 and have a strong and successful record.

Recall Management’s Help Desk services offer:

  • Mailed notifications to your customer. Mailed notifications to your distributors /retailers, to include Safety Recall Posters and Product Return instructions that are easy to follow and understand. RMI also acts as a third party with your distributors with Confidentiality Agreements if a distributor requests one.
  • Professional and knowledgeable telephone notification to your customers, distributors and retailers.
  • Toll free phone numbers with friendly and knowledgeable agents ready to assist.
  • RMI answers all incoming customer calls as well as all online submissions and inquiries.   We assist your customer with any replacement or necessary repairs for your products specific recall process.
  • RMI will continue to follow up with your customer until the recalled process is completed and the customer feels good about the results.
  • RMI can assist your company with overflow calls during peak hours if your company is handling the product recall in house.

Recall Management’s Help Desk is here to relieve the stress and headache for your company product recall, so you can continue with doing business as usual. We take care of all your needs for your Recall or Retrofit with Recall Planning & Prevention and our Help Desk Fulfillment Services.