Before you consider processing a Recall/Retrofit program yourself, has your company considered the following...

  • Whether or not a recall is necessary depends on several factors, including the size and cost of the product, the portion of its normal useful life remaining, and most importantly the likelihood and significance of the potential endangerment.
  • Beginning a product recall is a serious consideration.
  • The cost of recalling and replacing defective products is not covered by product liability insurance.
  • Recalls can lessen profits and cause negative publicity for your company.

And, if not properly managed, recalls can cost the company a great deal in compensatory and even punitive awards, as well as in customer goodwill and higher insurance rates.

Whatever action - Recall or Retrofit - is required, (RMI) can keep track of all responses to the notices it sends out.
(RMI) can follow-up when customers fail to respond to the first notice.

Also, we can maintain records of the effectiveness of the program and sort them according to dealers or distributors and cities or geographical areas.

Professional Administration of Campaigns/Programs For:

  • Product Recalls, Retrofits, and Rework
  • Warnings, Warranty, and Safety
  • Warranty and Safety Campaigns Proper management of the After-Sale aspects of your business is critical to your continued success.
  • Customer confidence, brand loyalty, product acceptance and legal compliance are on the line in After-Sale Campaigns/Programs.